New Product – Glock Slide Cocking Aid

We now have available via our online store an attachment for Glock pistols to allow the slide to be manipulated easier. This allows people with limited grasp strength to cycle the firearm with ease, and in some cases could allow a person to operate the firearm single handed1.

The product is very easy to install as it simply replaces the standard slide cover plate on the rear of the slide. Once installed, the lever can be swapped from left to right to suit the person operating the firearm, and can be removed completely leaving the replacement base in place only adding 11mm to the rear of the pistol. The lever protrudes approximately 22mm from the side, providing a good grip surface and can even be used with a solid object on the range, such as a post or edge of a bench.

As always, if you have any questions, leave us a comment or contact us via the Hyperfire Online Store.

1. Disclaimer: Safety is the number one priority when using firearms. Use of this item is up to the person responsible for range safety.

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